Small Animal Hemp Bedding (30-Quart Bag)

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Perfect for rabbits, reptiles*, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, birds and other small animals!

  • Absorbs 4x Its Own Weight
  • Reduces Odors
  • Low Dust Means Improved Air Quality
  • Biodegradable = Better for Pet and Planet


Absorbs 4X Its Own Weight

Hemp is 75% cellulose and is a natural absorbent. The perfect material to keep your pet dry and happy. Yes, that’s right – four times its weight, compared to 2X for wood and paper products. This means you need to clean and change bedding less often.

Reduces Odors

Hemp bedding has excellent odor-resistant properties — perfect for a rabbit hutch full of bunnies. Hemp bedding is non-acidic and has a neutral odor. The perfume of cedar is alluring, but plicatic acid, a substance found in tree resins, can actually destroy cells in the lungs and trachea.

Low Dust Means Improved Air Quality

Dust compromises the quality of air for your pet and can easily lead to breathing complications. Hemp bedding offers a low dust environment, crucial for the health of your pet. It has air pockets and excellent heat retention properties when compared to sawdust or pine shavings. Eye and lung irritation can occur from dust that is found in many commercial reptile substrate products.

Hemp Helps Regulate Humidity in Terrariums

Humidity levels vary from species to species. The unique structure of hemp bedding allows airflow and moisture retention, these special qualities make hemp a versatile and dependable bedding for reptiles. Cleaning is fast and easy with hemp bedding in your terrarium.

Biodegradable = Better for Pet and Planet

Hemp bedding degrades faster than most pet care products such as wood shavings and sawdust. Perfect for your garden compost. Support sustainable farming practices and help create a larger demand for Hemp. The earth and economy will thank you for it.

*Not recommended for small tortoises

Additional information

Weight6.6 lbs
Dimensions18 × 14 × 6 in

3 reviews for Small Animal Hemp Bedding (30-Quart Bag)

  1. Joshua Diego

    This was perfect for my rabbits. They are really enjoying their comfy new burrows!

  2. Chloe (verified owner)

    Very good and cost effective when bought by the bale. I use for my guinea pigs’ “kitchen/bathroom” area and as a growing media for wheatgrass.

  3. Monica Jones (verified owner)

    I have ordered this type of litter from Amazon and it only came on 50+lb bags. I have guinea pigs and live in an apart so there is no need for a bag of litter that big. The smaller bags on this site last plenty long and this is the best litter for odor control. Old Dominion Hemp has also been a great company to work with.

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