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Properties of Hemp Bedding

4x More Absorbent
Reduces Ammonia Odors Better
Low Dust Means Better Air Quality
Biodegradable = Best For Pets & Planet

About Old Dominion Hemp

Since our founding in 2015, our mission has always been to provide our customers the best hemp bedding for their pets and animals and to encourage others to discover what hemp can do for them.

I and everyone at Old Dominion Hemp stand behind our product as simply the healthiest option for animal bedding on the market.

Marty Phipps, Founder

Additional Info
(31 customer reviews)

Absorbs 4x Its Own Weight

Hemp is 75% cellulose and is a natural absorbent. The perfect material to keep your animal dry and happy. Yes, that’s right — four times its weight, compared to 2X for wood and paper products. This means you need to clean and change bedding less often.

Reduces Odors

When hemp bedding is used, urine goes straight to the bottom, keeping the surface clean and dry. Odors become trapped under the surface, reducing ammonia and other odors much better than wood chips or sawdust. Reducing odor helps control flies and makes a more pleasing environment for you and your animals. Perfect for a barn full of horse stalls or your backyard chicken coop!

Low Dust Means Improved Air Quality

Dust compromises the quality of air for your animal and can easily lead to breathing complications. Hemp bedding offers a low dust environment, crucial for the health of your animals. It has air pockets and excellent heat retention properties when compared to sawdust or pine shavings.

Biodegradable = Better for Animals and Planet

Hemp bedding degrades faster than most animal care products such as wood shavings and sawdust. Perfect for your garden compost. Support sustainable farming practices and help create a larger demand for Hemp. The earth and economy will thank you for it.

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 15 × 9.5 in

31 reviews for Large Animal Hemp Bedding (33-Pound Bag)

  1. Devon Pratt (verified owner)

    I've been using Old Dominion hemp bedding for over a year with my horses and they love it! I especially appreciate how absorbant it is. It really keeps the odor down in the stalls.

  2. Allison Buckley

    Can't say enough about how superior this hemp bedding is to traditional pine shavings. We switched our goats from pine to hemp and I will never go back. Their small barn is noticeably less dusty. More importantly, the absorbency can't be beat. Our goats do not care for the snow one bit, and we live where it snows quite often. They spend snow days entirely in the barn and the hemp bedding far outlasts any other bedding we've tried.

  3. Todd (verified owner)

    Have purchased multiple times. Use in my chicken coop. Still as dusty as wood shavings but absorbency tends to be better in my opinion. Miracle plant.

  4. William B. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery read great reviews I'm sure my chickens will love this when they get delivered.

  5. Marion (verified owner)

    Love the hemp it's great for my hens just wish shipping wasn't so high. Great product!

  6. Robynne (verified owner)

    The best choice for chicken coop bedding! Low dust, highly absorbent. The price is also reasonable and the shipping costs are average.

  7. Susan Phelan (verified owner)

    I really like hemp bedding for my chickens. I can do the deep litter method with this very well. Old Dominion shipped this very quickly even in times when shipping is tight. My chickens like the hemp in their coop especially when they jump down off of the roost in the mornings and have that comfortable landing on the hemp. The hay I used to use would slide on the floor or compress so that they landed hard. I like to keep the ladies - and old Louie happy, especially first thing in the morning when they get ready to lay those eggs.

  8. Gregory (verified owner)

    We love this hemp for our chickens. We do a deep litter method and this stuff is perfect! No smell 🙂 Thank you for the great product.

  9. Mary Hylton (verified owner)

    I love the hemp bedding for my chickens it works great on keeping down the smell and it is not dusty. Thank you

  10. James Bobbitt (verified owner)

    We are going on week 2 without changing the bedding in our rat colonies. By this time time using pine shavings the amonia smell is terrible. Also the hemp absorbs alot more liquid than pine. 100% satisfaction from me and my rats!

  11. Louise Bown

    We love it! It keeps the smell down In our chicken coop and our chickens enjoy how soft it is. We will definitely buy more.

  12. Lisa Burgs

    Love this bedding, still figuring out exactly what to do for our chickens, but I like that this is not super dusty and our girls seem to like it. I especially love that I received a hand written Thank You for my purchase in the mail. I little love goes a long way!

  13. Kathleen Allen (verified owner)

    My MFT Mare has serious allergies and your Hemp Shavings are the BEST EVER for her. Thank you so much!

  14. Dawn S. (verified owner)

    Keeps my rats from sneezing

  15. Laura (verified owner)

    I love this product and Old Dominion is fast with delivery. Thanks

  16. Brandon Hernandez (verified owner)

    I switched to this bedding 2 year ago. It's saved me so much time and money. My African soft furs love it and do so do I.

  17. Robynne (verified owner)

    This is the Best Bedding for chickens by far! It's the best absorbing bedding I have used and I have tried many other options, it creates minimum dust and after use it can be composted. I also use it in the chicken run.

  18. tina f. (verified owner)

    I love this bedding. I am able to avoid the any smell and it keeps the coop looking nice.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This bedding comes in sealed plastic, and then in a cardboard box. The chickens and ducks love it. If I put the bedding in deep during the winter, the same bedding lasts all winter. The chickens seem to be so happy that they lay more eggs then other beddings like straw or wood chips.

  20. kennth strickland (verified owner)

    I have a 4 foot x 8 foot chicken coop. 1 1/2 bags will fill it to about 6 inches. I do turn mine over every two or three days. I have 8 chickens all of them gives this hemp claws ups they are very happy with how good it is doing.

  21. Vickie H. (verified owner)

    My chickens and duck coops are much easier to manage and clean with the hemp bedding

  22. Jackie B. (verified owner)

    Thank you. Great response time and shipping speed.

  23. Lorri (verified owner)

    We use it in our chicken pens. The chickens love it, it stays really clean and almost no smell in coop or run.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    my chickens like the hemp bedding , hopefully it will be good for deep bedding method over the winter.

  25. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Quality product. The chickens love the bedding and lay more eggs. I have ordered this bedding several times. Promptly delivered and well packaged every time.

  26. Erica (verified owner)

    I got this for my flock and they love it! It smells nice and is so soft! I’ll only be using this bedding from now on.

  27. Heather F. (verified owner)

    This is such a great product. It's easy to use in the chicken coop - I can sift out the waste easily each day and keep it moving. Hemp is vastly superior to wood shavings for absorbency.

  28. Kristen B. (verified owner)

    My chicken coop smells great and the hemp is absorbent enough to even handle my ducks. I love this product.

  29. Alecia (verified owner)

    Yes, my chickens do well with the hemp bedding, but shipping is expensive.

  30. Paree Hecht (verified owner)

    Use for chicken droppings board underneath nighttime roost. Excellent absorption/odor control/dust minimization without unnecessary waste When picking clean every morning.

  31. Cheryl (verified owner)

    Chickens an ducks love the hemp bedding. Soaks up the muddy duck poop really well. The chickens love playing in it and lay more eggs....lasts along time. Great for the 'deep bedding' method.

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